Autism Awareness Day

So much has been said and so much has been done. Autism Speaks has to be mentioned and given credit as the study case it is on outstanding, fierce and effective action for autism awareness, lobbying, that has changed the world scenario. More people know the label, more people know basic facts, including that people with autism can be very different form one another, more people know what to expect and what to do when presented with autism in their lives. Autism insurance reform has brought evidence-based treatment to the insured and recent Medicaid expansion should help many more access effective treatment. It is our wish that on April 2, during the whole month of April, and every day of the year, Autism Awareness campaigns be responsible and target accurate information based on what the best science has to offer. We should be thankful that science has embraced autism and is not letting go. Many scientific domains are tackling better understanding of what autism is, why it happens, how people affected can be helped to live fully, how it may be prevented from affecting lives so pervasively as to impact development to the extent of preventing happy, independent living and community participation, education and access to the workplace.

This month for each DTT Manual sold we will donate $5.00 to the Association for Science in Autism Treatment to support their work of disseminating accurate information about autism spectrum disorder. And we’ll gift this Strong Mommy (we are ordering a strong daddy too!) tote bag with a very true message. 

Light it up blue for Autism Awareness