Watching the Media – TWSJ on Fidgeting Benefits for Children with ADHD

www.dtteaching.comIt is a slippery slope if the child is not assessed (and diagnosed) properly; behaviors have different functions and even in children with ADHD fidgeting can have other functions rather than, or in addition to, increasing alertness. So let’s pay attention to the research and use the results, while ensuring that we do not take these as rules and we continue to pay attention to EACH child and their environment. We need to investigate the contingencies exhaustively before we recommend any strategy to help children perform better and be happier. Call the behavior analyst and hopefully they are reading the research, behavior analytic and this one too, and are making decisions based on their current assessment of the child.

Read the Wall Street Journal’s article here:

The Benefits of Fidgeting for Students With ADHD

The children perform better on cognitive tasks when allowed to move freely

Encouraging or allowing children with ADHD to fidget in the classroom may improve their ability to concentrate and learn, according to two recent studies.