Trick or Treat Postcards

Happy halloween Trick or Treat postcardsWe practice and we practice and we practice. But it is not an easy thing to do when the time comes and all the excitement culminates. The costume (if we got there), the group of kids, the different doors and doorbells, the sequence, and all the candy to come, make it extra challenging to perform on show time.

These cards are a cute way to let the neighbors know we understand that maybe our kiddo is not holding the basket or bag open, or bolted into the house without an invite, or dropped the bag and is covering his/her ears, or threw the candy back right at them, or stepped on the decorations, or even on another child they were trying to beat to the door.

Hopefully you have friendly, loving neighbors who are familiar with you and your child, from happy or challenging circumstances you have shared, and they will be ready. Maybe you have even prepared everyone during practice. But you may have new neighbors or be trick or treating in someone else’s neighborhood and could use this little postcard to leave a special thank you and make them aware that kids with autism trick or treat *sometimes* a little differently.

Enjoy the sweetest time of the year!