Sarah Lichtenberger MA, BCBA & Richard W. Malott PhD, BCBA-D, Western Michigan University

“The self-instructional manual, Discrete-Trials Teaching With Children With Autism by Drs. Fazzio and Martin is an excellent tool for parents and teachers working with children with autism. The manual provides a concise and accessible description of the basic principles of behavior analysis and discrete-trials teaching.  The real-life examples and study questions keep the reader engaged and actively learning while progressing through the manual. The step-by-step break down of discrete-trials teaching provides all of the necessary information to successfully set up and conduct a teaching session, even with minimal experience with discrete-trials. Fazzio and Martin also take it a step further and provide instructions for different scenarios when teaching, including lack of responding and problem behaviors. They have successfully developed a manual that can be used to acquire discrete-trials teaching skills, regardless of the reader’s level of experience.”

 Science in Autism Treatment (SIAT).

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